Musical March Madness: Days 6, 7 and 8!

The end of the first round. 12 matchups left. Then we’re down to 32 musicals. This round was crazy. I started writing some recaps before they were done because some matchups looked to be more than over, but then, the unthinkable happened. THREE TIMES.

Updated Bracket, click here-izzle.

  • The battle between Miss Saigon and Gypsy came right down to the final vote. Tied at 15 votes, the last (anonymous, for personal safety) voter, put Gypsy through to the next round. Intense. Wow. Crazy. This is insane.
  • As is Tradition, Fiddler on the Roof had a good group of supporters, and took down Joseph with75% of the votes. Tevye and his family Close Every Door on Joseph’s Dreams. Poor, Poor Joseph. Fiddler was only up 12-8 for a brief period of time, and then went on a 9-0 run to end the matchup. Insane.
  • Because of the above matchup, we know that Fiddler will take on….Hairspray! Urinetown was leading 11-8, until Hairspray mounted a  ferocious comeback, going on a 10-2 run and defeating Urinetown, 17-13.
  • “Sunday in the Park with George gets the upset over the #3 seeded 42nd Street, by taking 65% of the votes,” was what I had typed 4 hours ago, which apparently jinxed everything, because 42nd Street woke up and also went on a 10-2 run to come back and win. George wasn’t even phased. Just kept painting. What a guy. 
  • Wicked had a strong debut in Musical March Madness taking out an up-and-coming Next to Normal. With 58% of the votes, Elphaba was seen yelling, “You’re NEVER gonna bring MEEEEEE down.”  A shocked Henry and Natalie stood quietly. “Jesus, okay. Relax.” They were trying to calm her down by just quietly saying “Hey,” a few times, but to no avail. “Just Another Day,” said a depressed Henry. It seems like Henry and Natalie from Next to Normal took the loss out on each other. Their conversation, off air, went something like this:

Natalie: Better than Before…

Henry: Why Stay?

Natalie: I Miss the Mountains

Henry: I’ve Been. You Don’t Know.

Natalie: How Could I Ever Forget..?

Henry: There’s a World. It’s Gonna Be Good.

Natalie: Who’s Crazy…

Then she walked away. Turmoil, it seems. Stay tuned to TMZ for the latest.

  • Avenue Q sent Tommy packing, taking home 68% of the votes. When asked for his post-matchup thoughts, Tommy didn’t say anything at all. Typical.
  • A Little Night Music was winning 14 to 4. FOUR. Grease had an epic come back, going 10-0 to tie it, before the final vote was cast. Its Raining on Prom Night at Rydell High, so don’t get caught Alone at the Drive-in without your Greased Lightning. That didn’t even make sense. Whatever. A Little Night Music moves on, 15-14.
  • My Fair Lady took out Jesus. And by Jesus, I mean Jesus Christ Superstar. That takes balls. 53% of the votes were too much for the powers above. After the matchup, they were yelling, “Could We Start Again Please?!” But, unfortunately, no. My Fair Lady moves on to take on….
  • Into the Woods! At one point, they were leading 11-0 over Cabaret. Eleven! Nothing! Cabaret tried mounting a late comeback, but it fell short, losing 23-7. The cast was heard yelling abrasive things in German as they left that no one could understand. A bitter end to a great run.
  • Mamma Mia took on Bye Bye Birdie in a great 3v14 matchup. This one was never really close, and Mamma Mia moves on with almost 70% of the votes. Let’s all get in line for One Last Kiss from dreamy Conrad, before we say bye-bye Bye Bye Birdie.
  • Just like Singing in the Rain, the rankings on the matchup between West Side Story and Hello Dolly were slightly skewed. West Side Story didn’t have the most illustrious Broadway run, but is much more well known than Hello Dolly. Because of this, West Side Story dominated from the get go, and cleaned up a whopping 84% of the votes. So Long Dearie.
  • The Producers didn’t really give Titanic a chance, and just like the ship, down it went. A clean 76% of the vote went to the Producers, and the unsinkable ship is now resting at the bottom of the bracket. Fare Thee Well, Titanic.

On we go! Our last set of Round 1 matchups, and then we’ll be doing ALL of the matchups at a time. Exciting. Remember, tell your friends to vote, share this on twitter and Facebook, post flyers all over school, and rent a billboard for the best results! Here we go…

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There they are! The last of the first round. Vote away!


Musical March Madness: Day 3, 4 and 5!

I’ve decided that I’m impatient and we’re going to do 3 sets of matchups all at once. Ooooooh there’s some good ones now. Come vote!

From this past round, there were some surprising results, and one decided by ONE vote, and one absolute blowout. Lets quickly recap and then get to the, not 4, but 12 matchups!

On Day 2, we saw three upsets and only one #2 seed made it through. That #2 seed was Rent, who goes through to the next round. Anything Goes lost by a comfortable 10-5 and is now delightfully, deliciously, de-done for.

The first of our three upsets was by a landslide. Sweeney Todd destroyed Beauty and the Beast taking 78% of the vote, and sent it Home to the Maison des Lunes. That one was too easy.

Light in the Piazza surprisingly never trailed in its matchup with The Lion King, and ended up taking 61% of the votes. The seemingly sure #2 seed goes out early after this matchup. Oh well. Hakuna Matata.

The closest victory yet goes to Legally Blonde, who upsets Chicago by one vote. Good, I say. I say good riddance, and the people agree! Well, at least 7 of them do. Whatever Happened to Class? It’s gone. Just like Chicago, from this bracket.

Onwards and upwards we go! We now do the 3v14, 4v13, and 5v12 matchups, which get decidedly harder to judge as the seeds get closer. I’ll leave this one up for 2 or 3 days.

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Vote away!