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Musical March Madness: Elite 8

Ohhhh its getting good! We’ve gone from 64 down to 8. THREE of the remaining eight musicals are #15 seeds. That’s incredible. Now, we determine the Final Four musicals left standing.

Updated bracket

  • Les Miserables rolls along, defeating West Side Story to advance to the quarterfinals. Les Miserables took 66% of the votes in this matchup, and is easily defending its #1 seed. Tonight, Somewhere in America, Something’s Coming to Maria to make her Feel Pretty. Unfortunately, it won’t be in the quarterfinals of this tournament.
  • Light in the Piazza continues its unbelievable cinderella-esque run, advancing past the highly touted Mamma Mia to advance, taking 57% of the votes. Thank You for the Music, Mamma Mia, but its time to call an SOS, because the Winner Takes it All, and its not going to be you this time. Better luck next time.
  • The upset of this round goes to Hairspray, taking out the #1 Phantom of the Opera. 71% of the votes is a substantial amount to beat the longest running Broadway show of all time, yet, they did it. We’re now past the Point of No Return, and All I Ask of You, is, Why So Silent, Phantom? Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh.
  • Legally Blonde is one of three #15 seeds to make it through to the next round, beating In the Heights by taking 70% of the votes. It Won’t Be Long Now until someone is sipping Champagne, but When You’re Home, you can watch the results, because it won’t be you, In the Heights.
  • In what I think was the hardest matchup to choose between, Wicked beat my dark horse, Spamalot by a whopping one vote, 11-10. I Am Not Dead Yet,” said King Arthur, “Whatever Happened to My Part? I’m All Alone.” Sorry, Spamalot, off to Finland you go, because You Won’t Succeed on Broadway this time around. Here’s some advice: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.
  • Sweeney Todd  is another #15 seed to make it through, beating 42nd Street by 65% of the votes. I think its time to be Getting Out of Town, Dames, and Shuffle Off to Buffalo. You know what though? There’s a Sunny Side to Every Situation.
  • Book of Mormon had a scare against Into the Woods, winning 10-9. I Guess This is Goodbye, Into the Woods.
  • Rent beat A Little Night Music 14-7, ending the run of the #14 seed. Now, A Little Night Music won’t be living the Glamorous Life. It Would Have Been Wonderful if they made it further, but, alas, Send in the Clowns.

On we go! Down to the final 8! Time to make it 4…

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Musical March Madness: Sweet 16

We continue to thin the herd, and are down to the Sweet 16. Only 3 rounds until we crown our champion. Thanks to everyone who is participating and voting!

**Updated bracket**

  • Les Miserables continued its utter dominance against The Music Man, taking 85% of the votes. Coming off of a dominant performance of their own, Harold Hill and the Iowa Stubborn were not up to par and this was never close. Can anyone stop Les Miserables?
  • West Side Story also continued rolling along, beating The Producers by 65% of the votes. Where Did They Go Right? They didn’t. Keep it Gay, Producers.
  • Mamma Mia advances to the Sweet 16, beating Oklahoma, 11-9. Oh, What a Beautiful run they were having, until they ran into the Greek party that is Mamma Mia. Go to your Lonely Room and think about what you’ve done, Oklahoma.
  • Light in the Piazza continues its cinderella run, winning 76% of votes versus the classic Annie Get Your Gun. Definitely the surprise of the tournament so far, Light in the Piazza continues to say, “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better.”
  • Phantom of the Opera moves along easily after a battle with The Sound of Music. Phantom took a comfortable 65% of votes, and the Hills are no longer Alive with The Sound of Music.
  • This next matchup is going to be a doozy. Hairspray beats Fiddler on the Roof, meaning it faces Phantom next. No more bottle dancing in this tournament, as the kids from Baltimore shut down Tevye and friends.
  • In the Heights quietly continues to do well, beating Gypsy 11-7. New beating old seems to be the theme of this tournament.
  • Two low seeds will face off next, as Legally Blonde also moves on, beating Pippin. This sets up a nice matchup of the crazy Spanish people versus the crazy Harvard kids.
  • Spamalot squeaked out a 10-9 victory against Singing in the Rain. They didn’t Make ‘Em Laugh in this matchup. King Arthur and his Knights move on to face…
  • Wicked! This will be another well fought battle. Avenue Q didn’t stand much of a chance versus Wicked, who took 79% of the votes. What Can You Do With a B.A. in English? I’m not sure, but you can’t win this tournament. No puppets allowed.
  • 42nd Street ends Man of La Mancha‘s tournament, winning 72% of votes. The Impossible Dream is just that, and will have to settle for a run at the Stratford Festival this year. Poor Don.
  • Also continuing its strong run is Sweeney Todd. It took 75% of votes vs Guys and Dolls, and sends them packing.
  • The Book of Mormon continues its cruise through the bottom right part of the bracket, knocking off the #1 seeded A Chorus Line, 14-5. Don’t call us, we’ll call you. Thank you.
  • Into the Woods has been one of the surprises of the tournament thus far. My Fair Lady didn’t stand a chance, losing by 85% of the vote.
  • The Sondheim musicals keep dominating in this section, as A Little Night Music takes out Jersey Boys, 11-7. Big Girls Don’t Cry, though, so wipe those tears and move along now.
  • Rent took care of Mary Poppins, who I thought would do much better in this tournament. Turns out a Spoonful of Sugar doesn’t really help, and Anything Can Happen, so long as winning doesn’t count as “anything.”

Onward we march, toward the Elite 8. After that, the Final Four will be crowned, and at last, a champion. Can anyone stop Les Mis? Will Book of Mormon continue its dominance? Will Legally Blonde hold on as the only #15 seed left? Answers and more, coming up:

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Sweet 16 to Elite 8.

Musical March Madness: ROUND 2

Round 1 is finished! Onto Round 2 we go. This is where we determine the men from the boys. The women from the girls. Some musicals may have just gotten lucky, but this is a round where all the winners face off. First, we recap.

Updated Bracket: here

  • Oklahoma absolutely manhandled The Pajama Game. This wasn’t even close. Pajama Game is apparently Not At All in Love with winning, because they were never in this, losing by 87% of the vote. Now, we put The Pajama Game to bed.
  • Annie Get Your Gun beat out the polarizing La Cage aux Folles who, upon hearing the news that they lost 14-9, stomped out of the building, yelling, “I Am What I Am!” Heels and all.
  • The Music Man gets the award for most lopsided win (after the number 1 ranked Les Mis, of course), beating Evita 20-3. Even Ricky Martin couldn’t save this matchup, and was definitely heard crying for Argentina in the bathroom stall after this one was over.
  • In the Heights beat out the (not so) adorable Annie, taking 70% of the votes. The Sun Will NOT Come Out Tomorrow, so don’t even think about it Annie.
  • Pippin defeated The King and I, 15-8, and sends the R&H classic packing. “I Have Dreamed of winning this,” quoted the King. Not anymore sir, not anymore.
  • The Sound of Music survived a first round scare against the newer Crazy For You. 12-11 was the final score, and Crazy For You doesn’t have rhythm anymore.
  • The Impossible Dream lives on, as Man of La Mancha beat Kiss Me, Kate by taking 63% of the votes. I guess the competition was just Too Darn Hot for Kiss Me, Kate.
  • Guys and Dolls edged out South Pacific 12-10. It makes sense though, because South Pacific is In Love With a Wonderful Guy, and was completely distracted throughout this matchup.
  • Spamalot laughed its way past How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, taking 65% of votes.  Finch and his Brotherhood of Man are going to have to try a little harder to get past King Arthur and his Laker cheerleaders.
  • Jersey Boys sang past Little Shop of Horrors, with 52% of votes. Seymour and his plant are going to go find solace Somewhere That’s Green. Its okay, little buddy.
  • Mary Poppins flew past 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee by one vote. Its because one of the words in the spelling bee was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. They couldn’t do it.
  • Sorry, Dreamgirls, but Book of Mormon is unfairly ranked because of how new it is, and you were standing in their way. Could they Step Into the Bad Side and cause some more upsets? Lets see….

So here we are. Round two. Now, all the winners of the last matchups continue along their bracket path and face a new challenge. Its up to you!

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Annnnnd off we go!

Musical March Madness: Days 6, 7 and 8!

The end of the first round. 12 matchups left. Then we’re down to 32 musicals. This round was crazy. I started writing some recaps before they were done because some matchups looked to be more than over, but then, the unthinkable happened. THREE TIMES.

Updated Bracket, click here-izzle.

  • The battle between Miss Saigon and Gypsy came right down to the final vote. Tied at 15 votes, the last (anonymous, for personal safety) voter, put Gypsy through to the next round. Intense. Wow. Crazy. This is insane.
  • As is Tradition, Fiddler on the Roof had a good group of supporters, and took down Joseph with75% of the votes. Tevye and his family Close Every Door on Joseph’s Dreams. Poor, Poor Joseph. Fiddler was only up 12-8 for a brief period of time, and then went on a 9-0 run to end the matchup. Insane.
  • Because of the above matchup, we know that Fiddler will take on….Hairspray! Urinetown was leading 11-8, until Hairspray mounted a  ferocious comeback, going on a 10-2 run and defeating Urinetown, 17-13.
  • “Sunday in the Park with George gets the upset over the #3 seeded 42nd Street, by taking 65% of the votes,” was what I had typed 4 hours ago, which apparently jinxed everything, because 42nd Street woke up and also went on a 10-2 run to come back and win. George wasn’t even phased. Just kept painting. What a guy. 
  • Wicked had a strong debut in Musical March Madness taking out an up-and-coming Next to Normal. With 58% of the votes, Elphaba was seen yelling, “You’re NEVER gonna bring MEEEEEE down.”  A shocked Henry and Natalie stood quietly. “Jesus, okay. Relax.” They were trying to calm her down by just quietly saying “Hey,” a few times, but to no avail. “Just Another Day,” said a depressed Henry. It seems like Henry and Natalie from Next to Normal took the loss out on each other. Their conversation, off air, went something like this:

Natalie: Better than Before…

Henry: Why Stay?

Natalie: I Miss the Mountains

Henry: I’ve Been. You Don’t Know.

Natalie: How Could I Ever Forget..?

Henry: There’s a World. It’s Gonna Be Good.

Natalie: Who’s Crazy…

Then she walked away. Turmoil, it seems. Stay tuned to TMZ for the latest.

  • Avenue Q sent Tommy packing, taking home 68% of the votes. When asked for his post-matchup thoughts, Tommy didn’t say anything at all. Typical.
  • A Little Night Music was winning 14 to 4. FOUR. Grease had an epic come back, going 10-0 to tie it, before the final vote was cast. Its Raining on Prom Night at Rydell High, so don’t get caught Alone at the Drive-in without your Greased Lightning. That didn’t even make sense. Whatever. A Little Night Music moves on, 15-14.
  • My Fair Lady took out Jesus. And by Jesus, I mean Jesus Christ Superstar. That takes balls. 53% of the votes were too much for the powers above. After the matchup, they were yelling, “Could We Start Again Please?!” But, unfortunately, no. My Fair Lady moves on to take on….
  • Into the Woods! At one point, they were leading 11-0 over Cabaret. Eleven! Nothing! Cabaret tried mounting a late comeback, but it fell short, losing 23-7. The cast was heard yelling abrasive things in German as they left that no one could understand. A bitter end to a great run.
  • Mamma Mia took on Bye Bye Birdie in a great 3v14 matchup. This one was never really close, and Mamma Mia moves on with almost 70% of the votes. Let’s all get in line for One Last Kiss from dreamy Conrad, before we say bye-bye Bye Bye Birdie.
  • Just like Singing in the Rain, the rankings on the matchup between West Side Story and Hello Dolly were slightly skewed. West Side Story didn’t have the most illustrious Broadway run, but is much more well known than Hello Dolly. Because of this, West Side Story dominated from the get go, and cleaned up a whopping 84% of the votes. So Long Dearie.
  • The Producers didn’t really give Titanic a chance, and just like the ship, down it went. A clean 76% of the vote went to the Producers, and the unsinkable ship is now resting at the bottom of the bracket. Fare Thee Well, Titanic.

On we go! Our last set of Round 1 matchups, and then we’ll be doing ALL of the matchups at a time. Exciting. Remember, tell your friends to vote, share this on twitter and Facebook, post flyers all over school, and rent a billboard for the best results! Here we go…

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There they are! The last of the first round. Vote away!

Musical March Madness!

Alright folks. Here it is. The ultimate march madness bracket.

As most of you are aware, the NCAA college basketball tournament spawns bracket makers from all across the continent, creating controversial picks and frustrating sports lovers for years. But what if we could make a bracket about something else? How about…musicals!? Yessssss.

That’s right. I’ve created the ultimate musicals bracket. Here’s how it works:

I’ve picked 64 of the most popular/successful musicals, and tried to find a way to rank them objectively, a la March Madness. I thought and thought, til my puzzler was sore, and I came up with the idea to rank them based on the length of their Broadway runs. Let’s just get to the bracket and round 1 of voting., and I’ll explain the ranking system after.!/412540ece8235

There she is! Take a look for yourself and make a plan. And lets just start the voting now. I’ve shown the first 4 match ups, and then I’ll gauge interest from there, so that I don’t end up posting one question per day. Vote with whatever criteria you’d like! Share and tell your friends!

Your first 4 match ups arrrrrrrrre:

**Voting for Day 1 is closed! Head over to Day 2  to vote on the next round!**

I seeded/ranked the musicals based on the length of their original Broadway runs. If they didn’t have a Broadway run, I based it on their West End run. I used this site. The entire system is (unfortunately) not that linear though because, as you’ll notice, some of the musicals that became mostly famous because of their film version, did not have incredible Broadway success. Singing in the Rain, Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins and Grease were all extremely popular as films, but their Broadway runs were not as successful, for example.

Also, two other musicals that stand out are Little Shop of Horrors, and The Book of Mormon. Little Shop had 2,209 performances, which would have made it 28th all time, just ahead of Jersey Boys. However, the whole run was Off-Broadway. I couldn’t think of a fair way to quantify that, so I simply chopped the number in two. 1,104 performances put it in the spot its in. The Book of Mormon is currently at approximately 1264 performances, and will continue to grow, and when its done, who knows where it will be on this list. For now though, it sits in the 9th spot in its category.

I also left some popular ones out. Sorry. Came down to 64. It’ll be fine.

To seed them, I made four columns and, reading left to right, continuously filled in spots. For example, the top 4 Broadway runs of all time are Phantom of the Opera (9,451), Cats (7,485), Les Miserables (6,680) and A Chorus Line (6,137). Those four became the number 1 seeds. The next four longest runs became the 2 seeds, and so on.

I’ll try and post a new one every day or two!

Any questions or comments, let me know below!