Super Bowl

The biggest North American sporting event of the year. Peyton Manning’s number 1 offense vs the Legion of Boom’s number 1 defense. One had to win, and it wasn’t ever in doubt who that was going to be.

Kind of difficult to objectively say what was “good” or “bad” in a game where I didn’t have a team to cheer for, but here goes.


Bad: The Broncos start. Peyton stepped onto the field to take the first snap. As he moved in to audible, the snap sailed past Manning and into the end zone for a safety.

Good: The Bronco’s loss was Seattle’s gain. Seattle could not have dreamed of a better start. The Seahawks took the 2 points, drove the ball down the field for a field goal and never looked back. The Legion of Boom had a safety and 3 and out on first five defensive plays against the number 1 offense in the NFL.

Bad: After the unbelievable start to the game, Mark Cuban decided to trick the world through twitter:

Mark Cuban ‏@mcuban  5h

I HAD SAFETY ON THE FIRST PLAY IN VEGAS !!!!!!!!!! 1mm to 1.. $20mm BABY. #Unbelievable

Turns out he was joking. Don’t believe everything you read, kids.

Bad: Peyton Manning in the first quarter. 1 safety, 10 pass yards, 1 interception. Never looked like the Peyton Manning we all expected.

Good: Peyton manning calmed down to start the second. Better late than never, the Broncos got their first 1st down, and started into their hurry up offense. It looked like Peyton’s game plan was to put together some short throws in order to build confidence. It still looked like he was thinking too much though. Which led to…

Bad: Peyton throws his second pick. Hit as he threw, the ball landed into the waiting arms of LB Malcolm Smith, who returned it for a TD and a 22-0 Seattle lead. The Broncos had no plays over 20 yards in the half.

Good: Denver was playing poorly, but, as is usually the case in blowouts, Seattle was outstanding. After it didn’t look like they would be able to take advantage of some rare Bronco turnovers, they easily held control the entire half. Floyd Mayweather and his $10.4 million Denver Bronco bet weren’t looking too good.


Good: Bruno Mars. The man killed it. Him and his band have a great mix of old school jazz and new school swagger. Looked good, sounded good. 10 years to the day: no throwback to Janet’s costume malfunction.

Good: After the safety to open the game, Seattle still got the ball to start the second half. You had a feeling Seattle needed to put it away early, because giving the MVP any hope isn’t a good idea. Percy Harvin settled that with kickoff return for a TD. 12 seconds into the 1st half, Seattle scored on a safety. 12 seconds into the 2nd half, Seattle scored on a kick return. 12th man must’ve been proud.

Bad: The Broncos. I just. What’s happening. I can’t. This wasn’t even close.

Good: Seahawks had a quarter and a half to celebrate their Super Bowl win. Jermaine Kearse mades a a nice catch, dodged a few tackles and scored. Seahawks had 21 points off of 3 takeaways and were up 36-0.

Good (?): Broncos score. Demaryius Thomas hauled in a TD throw from Peyton Manning to get Denver on the board. They converted the 2 points and Seahawks are up 36-8. At this point, it was the equivalent of a 30+ year old just now learning how to use chopsticks. I smile and I’m happy for you, but it’s still embarrassing.

Good: Russell Wilson throws his 2nd TD, this time to Doug Baldwin. Seahawks go up 43-8. Parade planners jumped into action.

Bad: Boring game. As a Seattle fan, you want the security of knowing your team will win. As a fan, this was never in doubt after the second half kickoff. Zzzzzzzz….

Bad: “@RealSkipBayless: Peyton’s postseason legacy has taken a huge hit as his playoff record falls to 11-12 and SuperBowl record to 1-2.” Need I say more?

Good: The game is finally over. Almost unbearable to watch from an entertainment standpoint. Seahawks win 43-8.

Good: They shot the correct colour of confetti. Phew.

Bad: Why do they give a multi-millionaire a truck for winning MVP? Congratulations to Seahawks LB Malcolm Smith, but it loses its value if he already has the money to buy about 32 if he wants to.


Congratulations Seahawk fans. At least one team in the Pacific Northwest can bring a title home. I’m looking at you Mike Gillis.