Musical March Madness: Final Four

And then there were FOUR! Which musical surprisingly got beaten resoundingly this round? Which musicals moved on? Read on:

Updated bracket

  • Is Les Miserables on Broadway/extremely popular right now? Do 77% of votes agree with that? Actually, that’s unfair. Les Miserables was going to be hard to beat at any time, which is why it was justified as a #1 seed. But with its Broadway revival, its going to be hard to beat. It showed that against Light in the Piazza, ending the magical run by crushing it 27-6. The Beauty Is not in this final result, Clara. See you next time.
  • Rent is also moving on to the Final Four, defeating the ever popular Book of Mormon, by taking 58% of the vote. Hello, I Believe its time to Man Up and Turn It Off, friends. Its okay though, Tomorrow is a Latter Day.
  • Hairspray followed up its upset over Phantom of the Opera by beating Legally Blonde in a tight matchup, by ONE vote, 17-16.  Oh My God, you guys, I’m, like, totally Serious and Positive. Legally Blonde is out.
  • The #15 seeds didn’t have a fun round, going 0-3. Wicked took care of Sweeney Todd in the fourth matchup, taking 72% of the votes. The Worst Pies in Town belong to the Barber and his Wife, and they won’t be moving on in this tournament. Not While I’m Around.

And that’s that! From those eight we move on to the Final Four, and the finalists from each quarter meet in two epic matchups. Who moves on to the final? Let’s find out!

Spread word and lets find our champion!



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